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Visit our 40th Reunion shop on CafePress for all your gear!

T-Shirts in white, organic, and light blue
(plus sizes available)
Sweatshirts and zip front hoodies
Messenger and tote bags
Journal with choice of paper (5" x 8")
Tile coaster (4.25 x 4.25)
BBQ apron
Sigg water bottle (1 liter)
Ceramic travel mug
Large coffee mug (15 oz)
1" Mini button (available in 100 pk)

Go shopping now:

Prices are set to wholesale prices - they aren't marked up. You can order from
1 to 100+ items, pay online, and they will be shipped to your address.
If you would like any additional products, let us know!

The only hard part is that you have to remember to pack it for the reunion!

Nancy WEST Johnson